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    If you have a Firebird, Formula, Trans Am, or any other car that you would like to post here, please E-mail me with your photo and information and I will post your car here.  The Visitors section is working out pretty good.  The site traffic just keeps on increasing every month.  I had over 200,000 hits to my site for the month of November, 240,000 for the month of December and they come from all over the World, some places I never even heard of.  Not to bad for just a personal site.

Dwayne's 1977 Trans Am

Check out Mike's 78 Trans Am and the awesome custom paint job on the hood.  You can view his website here: Mike's Site

This is Byron P.'s second 78 T/A he had before and after the 671 supercharger.

Jon O'Neall's Special Edition 1977 TA.
"I have a 1977 Trans Am Special Edition (Y82) W72-400 4-spd with just 27k miles. ...... I've had this particular Trans Am for a year now, but have had others (74 Firebird 6-cyl--79 Formula 301--79 T/A 403--79 T/A Y84-Bandit 400 4-spd--87 GTA 350), plus I also currently have a 79 403, WS6 with 84k miles that I use as a daily driver.

Interior view of Jon's 77 Special Edition.

Click here for Jon's "NEW" Trans Am

Here's a link to my 10th Anniversary Trans Am:
             10th Anniversary

Gabriel's 1978 Special Edition Trans Am.

Justin's new Trans Am...
".this is my Trans am that I just bought for 800 bucks. I went to a junkyard and there it was.....I just had to save it. It runs and drives...it really only needs a lot of cosmetic work. It has a 301 in it now. I used to have a 1979 firebird formula and sold it (big mistake)..and all I wanted was to get another one because I missed it too much. Well now I got my new project car..."

1981 Trans Am of Stephen Suppa

1977 Trans Am of Scott Baker

Sirris's 1978 Trans Am

Neil's 2000 Trans Am WS6:
"Ever since I was young I wanted a trans am. Firebirds and Trans Am's have
always been in my family, so this is mine. So far the mods I have on 2000
pontiac Trans Am WS6 are: - Tinted Windows
- Hypertech Air Foil - K&N FIPK - GM 3.73 Gears - 1LE Aluminum Drive Shaft - TransGo Shift Kit - Transmission Oil Cooler - SLP 3" Cat Back - SLP 1 3/4" Headers - LT4 Hot Cam - LT4 Valve springs - LT4 Retainers - GM 1.6 Roller Rockers - 160 Degree Thermostat - Custom PCM Tuning - 75 mm Billet Aluminum MAF - 2 15' subwoofers W/ 800 watt amp and eight 6 x 9's.  Future mods:Hope soon have her bored 60. over , and plan to get a supercharger. In the near future."



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