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     Alot of times when researching a Pontiac to purchase, you will hear people talk about getting your "PHS Documents" for the car. The PHS Documents come from PHS Automotive Services located in Michigan.  If any of you are wondering what actually comes with the package that you order from PHS, well basically what you get is some specific information about the Year Pontiac you request (MVMA Specifications), some other general information but the most important thing is a photocopy of the original Dealer Invoice for your car.  This will let you know exactly what your car was when it left the Factory. Quite a few people ask me if their car was a Special Edition or not, or if their car came with T-tops or not. The VIN number and cowl data tag won't tell you that information in whole. Your build sheet will tell you that if you can find it. If you can't find it, then your last option is to send $50.00 to Pontiac Historical Services for the Original paperwork that came with your car. So, If you really want to find out about your specific car, then go to PHS Automotive Services....... You will be glad you did.  Below is an example of what will come in the package.

Factory Original Production Photo
Original Dealer Invoice (photocopy)
Original MVMA Specification Sheets


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