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  On your Cowl Tag and also on your Build Sheet, you have listed different RPO codes (which stands for Regular Production Options) that which designate different options and features your car came with.  There is a huge list of RPO codes across the years and some codes were used in different years for different items.  The list of RPO codes is still being compiled, but here are some to get you started.....

A90 Deck Lid Release, Remote Control
A01 Glass. All Windows Soft Ray
A02 Glass. Windshield Only Soft Ray
AU3 Power Door Locks
AK1 Color Coded Seat Belts
A31 Power Windows
A90 Remote Control Deck Lid Release
AR9 Spec Bucket Seats (1981 Recarro Pace Car)
BS1 Insulation. Additional Acoustical
B18 Custom Trim Group
B22 Door Emblems (w/ Power Windows)
B32 Floor Mats Front
B33 Floor Mats Rear
B37 Color Keyed Front and Rear Floor Mats
B77 Molding, Windshield Black Front
B89 Molding, Windshield Black Rear
B84 Body Side Moldings
B80 Roof Drip Moldings
B82 Delete Body Emblems
B83 Rocker Panel Moldings
B85 Windowsill Moldings (Includes Hood Rear Edge Molding)
B92 Door Handle Tape
B93 Door Edge Guards
B97 Front and Rear Wheel Spoilers
CGA Windshield, Clear w/ Ant
C49 Defroster, Electric Rear Window
C60 Air Conditioning. Custom
CC1 Hatch Roof, Removable
CD4 Controlled Cycle Windshield Wipers
C24 Recessed Wipers
C49 Rear Window Electric Defogger
C50 Rear Window Defogger
CD4 Windshield Wipers. Controlled Cycle
C95 Lamp. Dome Reading
D34 Visor Vanity Mirror
D35 Mirrors. LH Remote Control Sport. RH Man. Adj.
D53 Hood Bird Decal
D55 Console Front
D58 Console Rear
D60 Color Trim Code
D64 Illuminated Visor Vanity Mirror
D8O Spoiler, Rear Deck
D92 Door Handle Tape
G80 Safe-T-Track Axle
GM8 2.56 Rear Axle
GU1 2.41 Rear Axle
GU2 2.73 Rear Axle
GU4 3.08 Rear Axle
GU5 3.23 Rear Axle
GU6 3.42 Rear Axle
J65 Rear Disc Brakes
JL1 Pedal Trim Package
JL2 Power Disc Brakes. Front
K15 Vapor Return Line
K30 Cruise Control
K05 Engine Block Heater
K76 Alternator HD 61 AMP
K73 Alternator HD 70 AMP
K81 Alternator HD 63 AMP
K97 Alternator HD 80 AMP
L78 Pontiac 400 6.6 Liter
LU8 301 4 Barrell Turbo Engine
L80 Olds 403 6.6 Liter
M21 4 Speed Manual,
M21 4 Speed Manual, Close Ratio
M33 3-Speed Automatic Transmission
M38 Turbohydromatic 3-Speed Transmission
M40 Turbohydromatic 3-Speed Transmission
MM3 Transmission 3 Speed Automatic
N65 Spare Tire. Stowaway
N33 Steering Wheel. Tilt
N89 Turbo Aluminum Rims
N98 Rally II Rims
N90 Wheels Turbo-Cast Aluminum
N67 Body Color Rally II Rims
NA6 High Altitude Performance Option
NK3 Formula Steering Wheel
NK5 Standard Steering Wheel
P05 Honeycomb Rims
QBX Rally RTS Handling Package
QCY Rally RTS Package
TGA Windshield, Tinted w/ Ant
T47 Turbo Hood
T93 Tail Lamps, Black
UA1 Battery Heavy Duty
U05 Dual Horns
U17 I/P Gauges (Tachometer and Clock)
U25 Light, Trunk
U27 Light, Glovebox
U28 Light, Ashtray
U29 Light, Courtesy
U35 Clock. Electric
U63 Radio, AM
U69 Radio, AM/FM
U57 8-Track Stereo Player
U58 Radio, AM/FM Stereo
U75 Power Ant.
U76 Windshield Ant.
U80 Rear Seat Speaker
U80 Dual Rear Speakers (1981)
UP8 Dual Rear Speakers
UP8 Dual Front and Rear Speakers (1981)
UM1 Radio, AM & Stereo 8-track Tape Player
UM2 Radio, AM/FM Stereo & Stereo 8-track Tape Player
UM4 Sig Seek Cassette
UM6 Sig Seek Cassette (Higher Quality Speakers)
UYB Radio, AM/FM Stereo w/Digital Clock
UP5 Radio, AM/FM w/40-Channel CB
UP6 Radio. AM/FM Stereo w/40·Channel CB
UP7 Radio Provision
UQ3 Power Antennea Booster
UR4 Turbo Hood Gauge
UN3 Radio, AM/FM Stereo & Cassette Tape Player
UN8 CB Radio, 23 Channel
UN9 Radio Accommodation Package
UX6 Dual Front Speakers (1980 and 1981)
V02 Radiator, Supercooling
VK3 License Plate Bracket, Front
VJ9 California Emissions Equipment and Test
W50 Formula Appearance Package
W60 Sky Bird Appearance Package (1977/78)
W68 Red Bird Appearance Package (1978/79)
W66 Formula Package
W67 Esprit Package
W73 Yellow Bird Appearance Package (1980)
WW7 Hood Decal (Trans Am Only)
W63 Gages. Rally & Clock
WW8 Gages. Rally. Clock & lP Tach
W72 Pontiac 400 T/A 6.6
WS4 Trans Am
WS6 Trans Am Special Performance Package
WS7 Trans Am Special Performance Package (Rear Drum Brakes 1979 only)
WY9 Hurst Removable Hatch
WX3 Shaker Hood
YJ8 Snowflake Rims
Y81 Special Edition Trans Am no T-tops (1977)
Y82 Special Edition Trans Am (Hurst T-tops)
Y84 Special Edition Trans Am (Fisher T-tops)
Y88 Special Edition Gold (1978)
Y85 Turbo Pace Cars (1980 and 1981)
Y89 10th Anniversary Trans Am (1979)
Y90 Custom Trim
Y92 Lamp Group
Y96 Firm Ride Package
Y02 Deluxe Front Seats
Y03 Deluxe Rear Seats
YT1 Door and 1/4 Trim
Y10 Door and 1/4 Trim
YR1 Custom Front Seats
YS1 Custom Rear Seats
16P Argent Aluminum Wheel
55P Gold Aluminum Wheel

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