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     For those of you who are having troubles viewing the menu that is located on the left side of the website, then here is a map of my entire site. You can get to most of the pages on my website from this location. There are quite a few more pages on my site than what is listed here, but you can get to those sub-pages from the links below. You can also view this page as a "Site Map" to maybe see pages you haven't seen before. There are alot of pages here on my site so it is tough to get lost here with all of the information. E-mail me if you have any questions.

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Restoration Tips

Snowflake Rims
Storing your Car
Shaker Seal












Dash Removal
Dash Bezels
Leaning Seat Fix
Window Tinting
Window Sweeps
Stereo System










Oil Change
Idler Arm
Rear Leaf Springs
Coil Springs
Exhaust System
Cooling System
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Master Cylinder
Bleeding Brake System
Rebuild Carb
Vacuum Hoses
Rear Gear Service
Transmission Service
Valve Cover Gaskets
Power Steering
Heater Core



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