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John Witzke - Historian for the 1977-79 W72 Performance Package

"Welcome to the T/A 6.6 Historic Information Guide. My intention in is to help establish a benchmark for accurate information about the T/A 6.6 engine as installed in the Pontiac Firebird. Over the past several years, my research of the T/A 6.6 engine has resulted in the collection of a significant amount of information about this engine package. My research is ongoing and this guide will only highlight some of more important facts about the T/A 6.6 engine package. Additional highly detailed information, including all part numbers is available and I encourage owners and enthusiasts to contact me with their specific questions. As for current Firebird T/A 6.6 owners, future owners and overall Pontiac enthusiast, I hope that somewhere in the following pages I will be able to share with you something you may not have known. This information guide was written by an enthusiast for the enthusiast and will focus on the last hi-performance 400-cid engine developed by Pontiac, the “T/A 6.6”."
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Click on the link below to view an excerpt from John Witzke POCI Tech Advisor 1977-79 W72 Performance Package Historian

W72 Pontiac 400 Performance Package



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