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78 Grill Bezel's

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Well since mine got damaged in this Flood I'm going to be needing the grills for my 78. I'm watching a couple of E-Bay auctions for them but if someone has some they don't need let me know. I'm not looking for Show Quality just decent one's.

Brand new set is $225.00

I may have an old set from my 78.  They were not broken, but the chrome was faded pretty bad.  I can't recall if I kept them, I will check when I get home.  If I still have them, they are yours for the cost of shipping.

Sorry to hear about the flood.


I guess I'm a little flustered today Tom, I posted a response to your offer of the Grills in the lobby section under my Flood Update. Thank you for offer and let me know if you find them.

I quickly searched my garage last night but was not able to find the grills.  Don't loose hope yet, I will check again over the weekend when I have more time.  Hopefully I still have them.  I will let you know for sure. 



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