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78 Grill Bezel's

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How good are you looking for I have couple set's, some better then others.

Well thanks for the offers guys. For now I'm just looking for decent grills. If things work out later as Brett said the new ones are available.  Things have settled down here so today I was able to spend a coupla hours working on it and while the grills are a total loss the nose isn't as bad as I 1st thought, some sanding and repaint will take care of the nose. 

Thanks again for the offers.

Whelp, I looked through my garage again last night and I do not have the grills.  Sorry for getting your hopes up. Hopefully stwrangler will be able to hook you up with a set.



Hey Tom I appreciate you checking for me, that was great that you even took the time to look  :)

I thought I had more 78's  But most were 77's. The 78's I 'd have to get 75.00 because bought them on ebay. The 77's I could donate a set for the cause to help a brother out.

set 2

set 3

I hope these help  Robert


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