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Anyone into muzzleloaders, black powder?

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I have seen a barrel absolutely ruined (pitted beyond belief) and seen more than one nipple that broke off from corrosion when trying to remove them.  These guns need to be cleaned soon after firing, and not put up dirty.  I do traditional muzzleloading (deer in Ky and elk in Colorado).  I usually use FFFg powder but sometimes use real black powder, which is getting harder to find.  I use 50 caliber sidelock percussions and one flintlock for my BP rifles and shoot handcast round balls.  I've never used pellets, speed-loaders, bullets or an inline.  Nothing against them.  I just figure when I use BP, I want the traditional experience.

Making black powder is not that hard, making quality powder that's a different story, 90% of it is your Charcoal. The kno3 and sulfur is the easy part, mixing is usually done by a ball mill.  Good black powder 15 grams can send a baseball up 300ft or so really good black powder made with balsa 15 grams is all most to much and 500 to 600ft is really really easy to obtain. Only about 8yrs ago 50lbs of Kno3 would set you back $18.00 now its 50.00 if you can find someone to buy it from.

My .45 flintlock, or at least part of it.

Sorry to hear about your loss.  I too just lost my father and now received his gun collection which also included many that are black powder.  Which I enjoy shooting by the way.

Hey oscardeuce,

looks like an FMS 1400mm F4U-4 in the back ground. Have you tried the 1700mm FMS F4U?


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