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Wanted: Parts for 4-Speed Conversion for 76 Trans Am

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I am planning to convert my 76 Trans Am from automatic to 4-speed.  I have already purchased an over the counter iron case Borg Warner Super T-10; but need everything else from flywheel to driveline with the exception of a bellhousing-I have one part number 9785581 if that is the correct one.  Please get back to me if you have any or all parts.  Thanks. :)

Tin Indians Rule:
Hello and welcome to the forum. Eroc22 is a member here and he recently posted the whole package for sale. Not sure if he still has it or not. I'll send him a pm on your behalf just in case he misses your post. Good luck with your switch.

yes thanks tinindians....i do have a full four speed setup that im selling...there is another guy looking at it and im not wanting to really seperate anything....mine is not the iron cased S-T10 but the aluminum, im evening offering to throw in a disc rear....but if you are interested in what i have let me know....thanks

Thanks for the reply.  What items do you have and what price are you wanting to get?

Here's alot of what your looking for.


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