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I feel sick doing this, but i have a kid on the way and just bought a house...have to sell my 78 t/a. Its the one pictured on my profile. I have more pics too that I will post soon. I have over $20k invested, with receipts and restoration pics. The car is actually a W-50 code car (formula) but it has the trans am shaker hood (new) and trans am fenders. Pontiac 455 motor freshly rebuilt by herb glaesmann in spring texas with 6x heads. Rebuilt th400 trans. New black interior, new paint (cranberry red PPG), new wheels, new bfg tires, new summit dual piston front brakes, new gas tank and sending unit, new shocks, pypes dual exhuast with x pipe. B&M mega shifter (in console model). Many other new things that I didnt list here and most of the new parts I got from year one. Still need to get armrests and window cranks (may already have them installed before I sell it). Any q's just ask. $12,000 Thanks, Ryan

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Interesting that Herb Glaesman built your engine. Your quite aways away from Spring TX.  Herb built my W72 a few years ago but I've yet to turn an RPM on it yet.  I'm still working on body.  How did your 455 turn out?

Yeah, there is nobody around me that seems to know pontiac stuff and I didnt want just anyone to build my motor. I paid about $400 to have it shipped up on a pallet, but I'm happy with it. Herb did a great job, it runs well. He rated it at 420hp and 500-550 ft lb torque.


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