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Selling my 1978 TA


Hello.  I have had my Black 1978 Trans Am for the past twenty years.  It saddens me that I need to sell it along with my other classic cars.  I would like an enthusiast to have it and continue the restoration.   The body needs work and is rusted.  The engine is a new engine with about ten miles on it and is a crate engine from Jasper.  I followed the article in Summit that listed what parts to put in the engine, and Jasper swapped them for me.  The transmission has a shift kit, there is an MSD box, and the rear is a 4:11.   I was thinking about listing the car on classic auto trader, or possibly even Ebay, or here.  If anyone has any recommendations, let me know.  The car has been parked for the past eight years, which is the last time I drove it.  I have no time with work to enjoy these cars.  The car is automatic.  Thanks everyone!

Sounds like work is the problem. Make sure they appreciate what you give up for the job.


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