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1972 Trans Am clone/recreation

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I've got a 1976 (originally 455) four speed Trans Am. Original 455 is long gone. Trying to make it a 1972 Trans Am clone/recreation. At least the front of the car. Already have an original 1972 endura bumper/ nose, grilles, lower steel valance, and headlight trim. Trying to verify what else is necessary to make this happen. Radiator support? Fenders? Correct bumper brackets??? Sorry to any purists but I love the look of the 1970-1973 Firebirds. They're getting very difficult to find or just way to expensive to buy one. Or people want a fortune for a rotting carcass of an incomplete rust bucket.  Any help is welcome. Thank you.

Call it a 76 with 72 nose. It's not a clone or recreation.

Thanks for correcting my terminology. But that doesn't answer any of my questions.

It was a free bump. This forum can be very quiet.

You would need the correct core support , bumper brackets, hood, etc etc...fenders can be used. Lot of work involved...


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