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Regarding my 1976 Trans Am. I was under the impression that the hood will work. The radiator core support is usually advertised as 1970-72 and 73-76. Can't find any listings for the bumper mounting brackets or headlight buckets. Do all 1970-76 Firebirds use the same buckets? All share the same 7" round headlights.? I was thinking about ordering the Fisher Body manuals from Classic Industries next week for the 1976 and the 1972 Firebirds. Anybody out there know if these manuals contain all the information I will need to make this swap easier? Detailed information and pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Next year's project will be getting my 1978 Formula 350 Firebird on the road. Picked it up for $600 last year.  I WILL be putting in a 1972 Pontiac 350 that came in my 1976 (originally 455 four speed car) it ran pretty good. Thinking of just freshening it up and dropping it in the 78. Will also be converting it to 4 speed manual. Already have a Super T-10 and the pedals and a full Hurst set up.

Aus78Formula. Thank you for the "free bump". You weren't kidding this forum is VERY quiet. Seems quite a few people have read my post but I haven't received any useful information regarding my 1976 with a 1972 "nose" swap.

Yes, even straight forward questions go without reply so either need patience or to post elsewhere!

You are correct. ..hood remains the same 70-76.
I need to make sure my eyes are open when I post ;)

If there is anybody out there.? Just received my 17"9" Snowflake wheels from Classic Industries. Black. Apparently they're were a lot of issues with these wheels in the past. Mainly with porosity and finish. Mine look pretty awesome. Couple of very tiny pits , but overall very nice. So small that you would have to be within a foot or two to even see them. Less than a millimeter. Apparently they have improved the quality.


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