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1977-1978 Silver T Tops?


Hello everyone,

Can you tell me if there were any 77-78 T/A's made in silver with T-tops? Most of the silver cars I see are coupes and was wondering if a T-top version was rare, or non-existent?


Not rare. Any 77 or 78 could get t-tops

He never even saw your response.  I was going to add that none were silver T-tops, as they were from the '79 TATA, but then it doesn't seem to be what he was asking once opened up the topic. I'll see myself out. By that door, way over there...oh, no one else here.

Hmm I thought he was asking if any 77 or 78 T/A'S  in sterling silver cars came with T Tops .. Answer is yes...

He was. But the title could be misinterpreted until you read further.


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