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Hello, I have a question about the CB radio that was available for the late 70’s Trans Am’s.  My research shows that the GM CBD-10 CB Radio would have been the one available from the factory for the Trans Am in the late 70’s. Do you know where I could get an original or reproduction CB radio housing.  Fbodywarehouse use to have one available (discontinued) to fit these CB radios in a late 70’s early 80’s Trans Am console.  But i am having a hard time finding one.   

You will simply have to try all the second hand parts places around. They do not reproduce them. Yes, they are rare, so finding one may be tough as it would have to be a firebird equipped with one as I believe the camaro console was different around the map pocket area.

There are several to try.
Second Generation Pontiac Parts
Lady TATA's house of parts
Second Gen Graveyard
Franks Pontiac Parks

there are even more to list, those are just some that come to mind. They probably won't have any to be honest so you may have to simply just ask around.


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