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78 15x8 Snowflake Wheel Paint Codes


Hey all, new to the forum, i am in desperate need of the paint code and color name for the 1978 gold Wheels.

Some resto places sell it in a pressure pack such as the one by OER, perhaps Classic Industries, can be named Placer Gold, Anniversary Gold, or Special Edition Gold, which is can be misleading as it's only the accent, not for Gold-bodied TA's. It was used by GM for several vehicles over the years, snowflakes and grilles on Firebirds was just one well-known use.

If you search the codes below you'll find several forum posts on the subject, and what guys have used. There's still variations of what companies think this shade was and which are the best quality.

Otherwise it's Code 55 Gold, PPG #82352, Dupont 44856LH. But those codes won't help mix a batch unless they recognise what it is as being.

Thank You for the info, this definitely helps in getting one step closer to the paint i need for my wheels.

In the US, there's several resto brands that sell paints for these in pressure pack. They may be listed as Placer Gold, Special Edition Gold, Anniversary Gold etc, snowflakes were just one item that used them by GM in the 70's. There's variation in those as well, possibly just like the real thing back then.


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