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Anyone check out the Venus transit Tuesday?
They are getting ready to open a new public observatory near me on the 16th of June.
Only three this side of the Mississippi for public use.
If anyone is interested the opening should be fun.
Located on Clay street,just north of state route 322 ( Mayfield road),near state route 528.
No need to bring any gear.




The Chagrin Valley astronomical society is about 3 miles south.
Dues are $48 per year,and this gets you access to the observing site and use of numerous telescopes.
I've got a few grand into gear,and joining a club is a cheap way to get started.
I meet quite a few great people at all the astro events.
we are having a big sky party June 22nd in Lodi Ohio, if anyone is interested.
Camping all weekend,with some great friends.
I get a chance to look through some expensive gear I could never afford.
The views are fantastic.


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