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Had a moment of CRAZY and bought a 1931 Model A Roadster

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I'll have to put up some pictures. It is Blue and looks real nice. Lovin the whole 1930's technology.

Anyone else running early 20th century steel?

my brother restored this 1929 pickup....


wowthat is a looker! nice! all steel?

Yes , All steel body and fenders. No repro all original Ford steel. The car was restored back to original condition many years ago. Still has the generator, original shut off valve, engine numbers matching the frame. I couldn't hand the money over fast enough when I saw it.

  I will say I am completely new to Model A's. I've been driving it all over the place the last few days and am extremely impressed with the 1930's technology. Car rides nice, steers straight, no wobble, and so far has had no issues. It always fires up after a few turn overs when cold and that little 40hp 4 banger gets her up to 50mph like nothing. I haven't tried to go over 50mph as the fastest street in my town has a 40mph limit plus I don't know how well it would do over 50mph.

So now I have a car to enjoy, go to the car meets this spring and as seen in the photos I still have my 77 SE I have to finish welding. Best of both worlds.


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