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How much are Hurst T-Tops worth


I am looking to sell a 78 TransAm.  I found a valuation tool but for this car it only lists the hard top coupe for a body style.  All other things being equal, I have the Hurst T-Tops - what affect if any would they have on the value.  Thank you.

Bob T

Depends who wants it. Hurst is a more classic design but the Fisher is an improvement. Regardless, if T-tops leak, the value isn't great, and the seals don't seem to be that good when new either. In a 78, condition is probably more deciding than the type. If they were something like American Hatch then you would see the value as being less than the regular 2, no aftermarket parts and not a factory option version. Many wouldn't know the difference as just want a cool old car and details don't interest them.

I have a 78 with Hurst Hatches, original seals, looking for  best after market fitting rubbers? I have chased a couple but for the money, just did not lock in yet.



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