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Screamin' Chicken or Eagle?


Let me start out by saying that I am NOT looking for the value of my "mistress", least that's what me wife calls her.  I have owned her for 30+ years and have no intention of selling her whatsoever! I do, however, have a general question regarding the hood decal.  If it's not the original decal, but rather something that was painted on the hood, would that detract from the value of the car?  I completely understand that one persons taste, may not be another persons taste.  And, unlike some who opt for installing say,...rear window louvers or even side pipes, the two aforementioned could easily be modified back to its original state for minimal costs, if any.

The reason I'm bringing this up is because my youngest daughter is a senior 3-D animator, and over the years we have talked about maybe having a beautiful eagle placed on the hood in lieu of the screamin' chicken.  Now that spring is just around the corner, the discussion has come up again.  The only thing I know that is not original on the car, is the powerplant.  I had that changed approximately 18 years ago and installed a '69 400 Poncho with 350 stock horsepower taken from a '69 Grand Prix.  So, the overall value has probably already taken a hit anyway.  Just was wondering if by replacing the screamin' chicken might do the same?  Curious to find out the consensus here.

By the way, I can't locate a place here in Canada that sells the original decal.


Was reading through this and figuring out how to answer it.... then got to the part about not having the original engine. Once that original engine is gone the value does drop quite a bit. What you do from there as far as changes really doesn't make that much of difference. And as I always say..... it's YOUR car and YOUR money so do with it what you want. Changing the hood bird now won't change the value that much.

In many cases swapping an engine out for a more desirable one can be in favour of the car, not every time, but many times. If it's not a terribly collectable model and possibly has a less than popular engine choice, then who cares about swapping it.
It's your car, do what you like, the value only matters if trying to sell it. Otherwise, opinions don't matter.

I really appreciate both of your responses.  True, it really is a matter of what I want to do with the car.  I equally like having both a special design on the hood, as well as having the original screamin' chicken. <g>  However, I can't have it both ways.  The car, whenever "that" time comes, will be handed down within the family.  I am just hoping that it can keep its value as much as possible, and that's the crux of it.

As far as the engine goes, I had, but not really had a choice as to what I wanted to do.  Otherwise I would've ended up arguing with myself for eons.  The original 400 had decent power, fair amount of torque, but the rear end stinks.  I did try to modify it once by putting in a beefier cam and lifters, but there's only so much you can do with Poncho 400, I believe.  Then I started having transmission issues, whereby at times it wouldn't shift at normal/regular intervals.  Transmission shop said the tranny was fine, so I ended up getting a compression test done on her.  Two cylinders were almost completely dead.  So, it was either a rebuild, or find another Pontiac 400, preferably from the late 60's, early 70's.  The car sat for months and then my mechanic at the time located the 400 I have in the T/A right now.  Sorry for rambling on somewhat.

Thanks again!


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