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my engine build


if any one is curious as to how my 350 chevy engine build has gone, i've been keeping track on my cardomain page.  it's got pictures too, check it out here:

Tin Indians Rule:
Kyledyr, You're moving right along at getting that ol engine back together. Nice documentation too. Just one comment about the build-up. Use the WD-40 as little as possible. It's solvent based and will actually resist the coating by oil leaving you more prone to friction at the initial start-up. Good luck with her.

Thanks, good to know.  Ironically, my can of WD-40 is extremely low on propellent (doe anyone else hate having liquid left in a can that just wont come out?) so I could only get a few drips out, then I just rubbed it around the surfaces and threads that need to stay clean.  I mostly put it on to inhibit any rust between now and when I get them in the engine.  I'll keep you guys posted.


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