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Restification of my '76 T/A

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I'm not going to call it a restoration because I'm not keeping it factory orginal, but instead what I want out of the car. Everything I do/will do to the car will be reversible.

Anyway, here are some pics of the car before I owned it. Originally it is a Sterling Silver car with red deluxe interior, charcoal graphics and Rally II's.

When I bought it from eBay in '04 the front clip was removed from the car (though included.. even the ugly cowl hood) and the original motor/trans was long gone. I had purchased a shaker hood, swapped the interior over to black, put a set of Rally II's on it and had the car painted in 05, but was unhappy with the way it turned out.

Fast forward to last fall, I threw on my roller 15x7 snowflakes and started stripping off the paint and redoing the undercarriage.

I await the flames for this one...  :-X

Wow, what a make over ... twice!  What color is she going to be?  Plans for the engine?

Probably another shade of red, but brighter, Corvette Torch Red maybe. The red that was on it was too dark for me.

The engine is basically identical to the one going in my '78 T/A, though it's going to remain a TH400 Automatic w/ a TransGo Stage II shift kit and a TCI 3000 stall. Maybe some other small differences, but nothing worth retyping it all for :P

very what color red was it last then ? if you like bright reds i suggest the new covette red...we did that on a 69 camaro and man it really pops!

Im sorry upfront, But mazda has a really nice yet bright Red on their new Mazda 6.


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