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Here's my 1980 T/A Pace Car that I'm partially restoring.  I say partially because I built a 400 and TH-350 for it because it didn't have the original motor of tranny in it when I bought it.  The owner replaced the 301 with a worn out 389.  The rest of the car will be taken as close to original as I can get it.  When I bought the car it didn't have a dash and some of the interior panels were missing. 

The motor has been bored .030 over,TRW flat tops, ARP rod bolts, mild Crane cam and valve train, Crane 1.65:1 roller rockers, Doug's headers, Edelbrock intake, and Holley 750 carb

Let me know what you guys think!

Engine looks niiiicccceeee!  How's it run, or have you fired it off yet? :)

Not yet. I still have to get the right mounts for the engine block.  Then it's just the little stuff (plugs, wires, belts, etc.) hopefully it'll be fired off by the end of next month. I'll let you know how it does.

Please do -- will be looking forward to hearing about it! :)

Looks great! What kind of Hp are you expecting?
A 389?? Yeah, too bad the original engine is gone but a 389 is a pretty cool (as in not often seen) engine to have...are you selling it? Car doesn't look bad...nice project 8)


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