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Any ideas on how to make the hood open towards the front?

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I own a 79 T/A and I show it alot.  I have a custom bird painted on the hood that alot of people drool over. 

I would like to be able to open my hood to show off my chromed out motor and still show off the bird.

I would really really like to make it so the hood opens towards the front, similar to the way corvettes do.  Any ideas on how I could do this?

Could it even be done with attaching the quarter panels to the hood?

Any ideas/help would be appreciated.  Oh and if you give me a link that sells the kit I will be ecstatic  :)

I don't know anything really about hoods opening in reverse but I like the idea.  That bird is certainly different.  I was thinking about an air brushed look on mine at some point in the future.

By the way, welcome to the site!

Theres gotta be a way   ;)

If they can make a ford tempos doors open lamborghini style (pimp my ride) I know this can be done.

*fingers crossed*

I think you would have to custom fabricate something.  There are definitly some clearance issues to contend with with the core support.  It would probably be easier to make the whole front end flip up.  I think I have seen kits for that somewhere.

umm if you look at

you will find....


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