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Shaker help?


I have a 79 Trans Am, probably frowned upon by the original guys, and even myself to some extent. I bought it 6 years ago, drove it for two then decided I wanted to tear and down and make a custom Trans am. So it has a 78 nose on it, the Tan interior is getting replaced with all Black, custom gauges and the like. I've done 95% of the work myself or with my dad. I got it with a 71 400 in it, came with a 301 according to the build sheet. I have since replaced it with an Olds 455. To the real question. I have a Mr. Gasket Butterfly hood scoop, and two hoods. One hood for the Mr. Gasket scoop, and one hood the shaker. Here is some pictures (fairly old) of the engine bay and how the engine sits, I'd like to try and keep the shaker on the engine, I know the stock bowl doesn't like holley's or Demon carbs so I need to make a custom holder in  place of the bowl and look for a relatively small filter assembly to put on it. Was curious if anyone had some idea's for this.

Apologizes in advance for it being super dirty/dusty looking. It's been sitting in the garage a while due to the move(s)

The gallery if only on the 4th page, but has some hopefully helpful shots of how the engine sits, as far as how tall it is and such.

Thanks for any help.

Joker (§ir£Ğragon):
Ok, I have to ask...why did you mount the battery and alternator on that side? Not critisizing, just curious. I'm actually sitting here drooling. lol I'm still up in the air as to whether I will go with a small block or big block Olds in The Phoenix. (Although I'm close to a decision I think) Are you running headers? If so which brand and how well do they fit? (and what application are they for?)

What intake are you using? I have heard (although not tested the idea) that a stock Toro 455 intake sitls low enough and will allow the use of the shaker.

Battery was actaully on that side to start with, so I never chose to move it. Can't say I have a good answer for the alternator being where it is.Headers I have yes, Full long tube 1 3/4 Ceramic coated (Hedman Headers) I'm actually sending them back to Hedman here soon because the ceramic has started to peel off (5yr warranty though) I believe they are for the 70/71 Olds 442 applications, they fit nicely though, a nice clean fit. As for the intake....I wish I actually had a real answer to give you as for make and such, it has no numbers/names on it anywhere. If I was to try and guess where it came from though I would have to say it's a Mondello intake. (main homepage) (intake page) I'm pretty sure (90%) that it's the Mondello posi flow 4150. I know it was a rather expensive intake manifold right around what is listed on his site, then add a little for the engine builder that ordered the part. The guy that did the machine work on my engine decked the block, and planed the heads a little, everything was port matched and for the better half pocket ported. (If that means the same thing sorry) The only thing that may be done sometime down the future because at the time they weren't available, SRP (Sportsman Racing Products) makes Flat Top pistons for the 455, which just makes me giddy thinking about them. Cam is a 242/242 @50 110 lobes, and there isn't anything that sounds better  ;D

Very nice project, dude!


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