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Hello everyone, i am a new member (first post) i recently purchased an 81 non turbo trans am with the 301. I have linked my web site where i host my pictures. I was told it had a 301. Well, nothing fit right so i looked it up and it has a 400 motor! Heck yea! I am new to the american car world, i mostly work on hondas. After a few hours with this, I can never go back. My father has always wanted a trans am. I have purchased this car with the intention to restore it and give it to him for a retirement gift. He retires in 5 years, plenty of time to get it going and enjoy it a little. I have had so much fun working on this car. Details are on my web site page. Let me know what you think so far.

looks like a good project and if you ever need any help or parts feel free to there are plenty of experienced "birdsmen" on this site...

Looks good so far !!  Thats a really cool thing your doing for yor dad.  Is it going to be a surprise or does he know your redoing it?

Looks like a great project, welcome to the American Muscle world and also welcome to  Let us know if you have any questions we'll certainly help out where we can.

Welcome to the forum.  Nice to hear from the people who convert from Rice to Muscle.  I am sure your dad is going to love it.  Let us know how we can help you out.


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