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I just joined the board a few days ago and now finally have some pictures together so you guys can see what I am working on. There are some befores, and in progress ones. As it stands I have just about all the junk off the firewall and am just about ready to pull the motor. Yeah!


In Progress:

Hopefully I should have the motor out this week so I can get started disassembling the front end to give it a much needed cleaning and rebuild.

Really nice looking least is was before you started tearing it apart!  Are you going to put new hinge pins and bushings in the doors since you have the fenders off?  It looks like a great rust free car.  It's going to be fantastic when you get it done.

Yeah, I already have the bushing/hinge pin rebuild kit for the doors as I do think they sag. There actually is a little rust I found behind the wheel flares I plan on dealing with then the car is going to get some paint to freshen her up. Thankfully the cancer is not terminal though, and I don't have to go and replace everything. It photographed OK but mechanically it had seen some better days, so I am super excited to get it running right so I can really start to enjoy the thing.

How many miles is on your TA

68,000 and it is actually accurate according to all of the service records I have from the last 20 years.


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