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--- Quote ---Nice car......And you live in OHIO too!  Awesome.

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Thanks, I look forward to the day it is actually put back together and ready to come out and join the group.

wow thats a great looking car....why did you ever take it all apart ?


--- Quote ---wow thats a great looking car....why did you ever take it all apart ?
--- End quote ---

It was one of those that looked good from far but far from good. My hood wouldn't close straight and stuck up over the driver side. I am convinced this car was in an accident at some point because most of the stuff on the passenger side wouldn't line up properly. My decal on the hood had kind of dried out and I wanted to replace it, so it became one of those if we're going to paint that then we should fix this and before you knew it there was no more front end  ;D I need new tires also so I am going to refinish the wheels while I have the tire off and the car on stands. Basically I just wanted to upgrade it mechanically because it has various issues. I am probably just picky, but the project doesn't seem quite so overwhelming not starting with a bucket.

Where do you live, I just heard im dropping some parts off to you soon, from eroc022.

Thanks for the pics, the rod looks rockin.  Looks like you've got a good jump on getting some restoration done too.


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