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1979 JP's Trans Am

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Some over pics :

The dash ( i changed the dash bezel  by another one in better shape and with 1 other air holes.

Some news :

This month's work

i "paint" rust areas with special product

Insulator plates

I put rear seats

and front seats

I received from fbodywarehouse my Auto Shifter Bezel, and my father restore the center console ( and the back part behind the rear seat, don't know the word sorry )

Before :

My father put some fiber, put back the leather imitation and stick another one, new, he do the same for the Center Console Bin Liner

The new Auto Shifter Bezel

My father is finishing the roof which was in bad shape, one more time put back the leather imitation and put a new one, cut and stick it, i think he would have finish tomorrow.

Looks liike you are a fast worker. Great job. Hope you are having fun doing it.

nice work where do you live?

Looks like you have been very busy


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