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1979 - 1981 Trans Am Tail Light restoration Service with VIDEO!


See the VIDEO below!

We offer a full tail light restoration service for the 79-81 Trans Am & Formula Tail Lights. If you click above you can get all of the information on the service and even see some before and after shots of a set we finished for a 1981 S/E clone we are working on.

SHIPPINGIS INCLUDED in the price of the service inside the USA, we will perform the service for anyone WORLD WIDE thoug.

Good to know as I might be looking at having mine serviced in the near future!!  Would have loved to see the gas door hinge and the back of the tail lights in the video as to get a better before and after but the pix worked good!!

If you click the above link we have additional pictures as well. We remove the entire fuel door assembly, bead blast and reset to color and then add new tension poles so it "pops" open as it should. Really top notch service on these.


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