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What L.E.D. Bulbs to replace dash board lights?

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Hi,   Just wanted to know what type L.E.D. Bulbs would be good to replace the light bulbs in the gauge cluster? I wanted to replace the standard bulbs for ones that are brighter. The standard bulbs just arenít bright enough and I was wondering if they are dimmable. Whatís everyone else using?

If you do a search, I believe they now make a direct replacement that will work. Your local parts store might even be able to steer you in the right direction

I also want to say, I remember there being a dimmable version but is relying on memory or it's something I dreamed up  ;D

Did somebody know if dimmable LED versions available now ? I found a set og normal replacement bulbs.

I thought I saw some somewhere but I haven't looked in awhile!

Does anyone ever dim their lights or just run at brightest setting?


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