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1977 Hurst T Top install


I am installing Hurst T Tops in my 1977 Trans Am. I am seeking any and all information on this topic including videos, installation manual, advise, etc. I need the weather stripping and the head liner. I have not made the cut yet. I have the glass tops, chrome frame, bracing and clamps. I also drew a pattern from the donor car. I have read that there are two generations of this Hurst T Top. I do not know how to distinguish between the two. Any help would be appreciated.

If you haven't got the Hurst T-Top manual, start there.

Unfortunately, tiny, blurry photos that assist far less than they could.

You should document, photograph  and post your progress. Iíve read about people that have done this but never seen anyone document it. Iíve considered doing this to mine a few times over the years but just couldnít pull the trigger.

Burd Turd:
Iíve got all the manuals and bulletins for sale, in a binder


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