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Wanted: 78 GM AM/FM/CB/8-Track Player for a TA

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I have a client that I need to find an all-in-one head unit with the correct GM setup for a Trans Am that would have had the AM/FM/CM and 8-Track player.  I was told that it would be all in the head unit and not a seperate 8-track in the console?  I would appreciate anyones help on this or if they have one to sell or know where to get one.

Dave, I have never seen one in a TA but I have seen them in Caddies and Olds, Buick Full size cars. Hope this helps

Thanks for the response.  I agree that I have not either, but I was hoping we may find someone that did, or know exactly what would be correct if one did have these options.  Appreciate the help.

Tin Indians Rule:
Hey Dave, My 78 has the am/fm/cb combo and judging from the looks of it I'm not sure they could squeeze an 8 track player into it. I dont recall seeing one either. I'll look around some too.

I thought all of the cars that came equiped with the 8 track player had it installed seperately from the radio in the map pocket location.


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