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Does anyone know if the long awaited OER dash pad is about to be released. I came across this auction on ebay. Release date 11-15-2010. Or is this a SCAM...Anyone?

did you email them? 

they probably have someone listing parts that doesnt know its not out yet. 

I hit the buy it now for 3 so I'll see if they send me an email saying something about it. 

every one needs to do the same.  they could be getting a head count of who wants one.

From auction:

"*PLEASE READ* - EBay has asked us to refer to this item as a Pre-Sale item, which means it's not guaranteed to be in stock, but is usually in stock and can ship in the time frame listed in Item Specifics. If in the event we are unable to meet the terms of eBay's Pre-Sale item fulfillment policy (eg. item is backordered for more than 30 days), you will be refunded for your purchase. Feel free to contact us for the most up-to-date availability on the item you are looking at."

I wouldn't hold my breath ;)

ya I saw that , I've seen that on a lot on selles listings.

I emailed them. We'll see.....

This was at the bottom of the page. Cross your fingers that someone finally got it done.

Availability:   Out of stock until: 11/15/2010
Condition:   New
Brand:   OER
OEM:   10018005


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