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A big company like classic should be one of the first to get these.  I talked to them yesterday & while I was on the phone,  I asked about the 70-81 Dash-pad.  Same old story,  Not yet.  Radiator Support  Not yet,  70-81 Fender's,  Not yet.   :-\

the company on this listing had a whole door shell for trans am awhile back think it was around 600 bucks but i havent seen them since.

this seems to be one of those items they only make limited numbers of... I recieved one of the 2nd run prototypes and was very pleased with it considering the shape my original was in. I gave rather positive feedback to classic ind. on the product except for the radio opening, it would have to be modified if one was putting in a original radio unit, but for a aftermarket old school radio unit it works very well since most had adjustable shaft positions. If I recall the rep at classics told me they would only recieve less than 100 units and get input from the customers before contacting the supplier. I had mine on order for nearly 8 months before I recieved it, I had actually thought of cancelling the order 3 days before I recieved it... glad I didnt now... may want to ask classic if you can be put on a list for this item if they will do so. your credit card will not be billed until shipment is made. patients and luck have to be the 2 things one has to practice on this much needed item.

I spoke with OER directly DO NOT BUY THIS FROM THEM unit is still in tooling


Here is how the stock process will be on the dash boards

From our account manager at OER on 11/12/2010
The Trans Am Dashboard IS NOT AVIALABLE I repeat IS NOT AVAILABLE yet. They as they have said now for 3+ years are "really close" <--- Tounge in cheek there.

Now onto how the orders placed by everyone in the industry by all of the companies for clients and OER  distributors

WHEN the dashboards come out the order will be split between the OLD orders placed by Classic Industries BEGINNING in the LAST DECADE the units Classic Gets from OER will be filled in the order they will be recieved. PERIOD.

Hopping on CI's list now is too little too late.

The other half will go to OER distributers BASED on the DATE and YEAR they placed the stock order. An example our FIRST stock order was placed on this is about 2005 for 7 Units. We added to that order over the years BUT will only prpobably get the first 7 we ordered as they will run out long before all of the companies get ALL of the orders filled.'

I have seen some parts sellers say they are "Preferred" which is flat out BULL SHEEEEETTTTTT there simply put is no such thing. Year One or ourselves are all the same in this respect.
OER is not going to get 3000 of these units maybe more like 500 or 600. SO while I know you are excited guys DONT get SNAKE BIT by a small secondary company or a huge company looking to pad the pockets........

I hope this clears it up some for you all.


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