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a/c vent and t-top parts

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Anyone have a nice center vent for a 78 they want to sell? also need the chrome pieces for the t-tops---I believe there are four (the parts that have a hole in them that the rods go into??? sound right???

ive got the top parts and quite possibly the vent too...ill get you some pics by the end of the week....

I have the t-top parts as well just in case Eroc doesn't.

I guess I am confused they are not the parts the rods slide through but different??? I guess there are four total they are chrome maybe 1/2 inch by 2 inch parts?? sound right let me know if you know what i am talking about and have these parts as I previously described them wrong

the long slotted part that repairs the streched out holes by the inside of the roof ? or the part by the door glass ?


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