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403 Olds original radiator & fan

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Beauregard Duke:
Hi!I'm new here and I'm from Italy.I just receive from USA my firts Trans Am, it was a dream for me since I was child and see one of that in the movie!
It is a 78 403 Olds Solar Gold Automatic Trasmission with Air Condition, nice condition with Build Sheet.
It is a California emission car delivered in Delta Pontiac Dealer in Stockton Ca, I found it in New York area.
The car runs well and it was restored.
It is original in all its parts but I see it has a non thermal fan.It has a 3 row radiator. Which was the original equipment for this T/A model and why someone modify it?
Thanks for your help! ;)

Three core was stock with A/C.  I don't know what a thermal fan is.

Beauregard Duke:

--- Quote from: ta78w72 on December 20, 2010, 12:12:40 PM ---Three core was stock with A/C.  I don't know what a thermal fan is.

--- End quote ---

Thanks!Is the stock core a 3 row?Concerning the fan I mean a the car has a non thermal fan clutch, why?

brian c:
Yes the stock radiator is a 3 core (row) radiator for your application ;)

In regards to your fan you have a picture you can post up? That would help tremendously in this instance.

As to why someone would change it? Car owners like to individualize (personalize) their vehicles. Over 30+ years, many things on these cars have been changed to non-stock parts. Heck, my Y88 has a 455 between the fenders - I had it installed during my resto ;D  **I kept the numbers matching 400 just in case I ever needed to sell the car I can put it back to numbers matching.

The flex fan was more then likely installed when the fan clutch failed. Cheaper fix.


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