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new decal issues

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I'm hearing PG changed the top paper on the deacal to a plastic and people are having problems with the install.
is any one here having the same issues with the new decals?

i bought my birds last year and they have the plastic covering. wondered why they looked funny , great now im really worried !  hammer offered to help me install them, which eases my worries , i never installed a decal that large ,

Homer , you'll be fine with Mikes help.  I hope to have Hammer's help as well.

as for me posting the link,  I didnt post it to start a discussion about the reason for the thread. as I dont care.. PG has always stood behind there decals quality.
I just want to see if you guys are getting the hood birds on, with good results.

I'll be putting my decals on in about a month, and needing to know if there are any new tricks to the install of them.
my 79 had the paper back so the new backing is going to be like doing it for the first time.

T/A Kid:
Doug the body shop put my first one on and I wasn't happy with it so I ordered another one from Brett, My cousin helped me and it was a first for both of us and we didn't have any problems with the plastic covering. I did use the gel and I really liked it I know some don't but it worked well for me, I had a few air bubbles but a good hot sun  and a few pin pricks took care of that.

no big deal guys same concept as the paper backing. helped a buddy do his a few weeks back.


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