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pinstriping question


question on the look of the pre-molded and the roll   (gold SE kit)

is the pinstriping exactly the same size,color between the 2?

the pre-molded piece around the shaker came up when washing the hood.    can I buy just the molded drivers side piece that gos on the hood around the shaker ?  

if the roll isnt going to look the same I dont what to use that.

Maryland Bandit:
Yes, they sell individual pieces from the kit. Pricey though, but the fit is exact. Color is the same as the ones in the kit. I have a roll of it also, for doing repairs on sections that tear or get nicked over time. Difference between the roll and premolded is that you have to 'eyeball' the fit more with the roll.

thanks Tom.  if the roll looks the same I'll go that way.

PG,  if you are reading this I need a price on the piece I need.   prob just better call , maybe faster. 


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