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Phoenix Graphics won't break up kits :( Any place else I can go?

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Corellian Corvette:
For my 80 Firebird Esprit, I only need the black PONTIAC letters that go on the front and rear bumpers. I'm not striping the whole car...

I was told that I have to spend $209 and get whole kit JUST to order those parts. Very suprised and disapointed you can't order specific parts.   :(

Does anyone else make decals for the Firebirds that I can use?

you can probably get them from NPD. they sell decals individually. i have bought a couple of shaker decals from them.

I'm surprised.  I know PG has, in the past, sold individual decals.  Hitman may sell them separately;  I know Fbodywarehouse does.

Burd Turd:
When I put decals back on my TA 5-6 years ago, I was disappointed w/ PG also, the TA 6.6 comes  w/ the kit, no wonder even the Old's guys have a TA engine, I had to buy the 6.6 liter decals after buying the y88 kit >:(

I can get you whatever you need.


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