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1979 Gold Decals vs 1980 "Bronze" Decals

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NWW-79 T/A:
I will soon own a 79 Trans Am in Solar gold. One thing I've noticed is that the gold decals for the car don't show up very well against the paint. Not the hood bird so much but the "Trans Am" lettering and shaker numbers. I saw that in 1980 they had a kit called "bronze" which looks like a darker version of gold. I think it would stand out more. But I've never seen them except in a few low quality pics so if maybe I could get a picture of the decals in bronze that would help. Also, can phoenix graphics make me a custom shaker designation in bronze to match the kit that says T/A 6.6? I don't want it to say T/A 4.9 because my car is a 79 and will have a 400. Thanks for the help

You have to call them but I do believe they can make it to whatever you want.  I am not sure the cost.

NWW-79 T/A:
Ok thanks. Anyone have any images of the bronze decals?

NWW-79 T/A:
Would Hitman have pictures of the bronze decals? Maybe next to gold ones? Id appreciate it.

I don't mean to be rude but how about worry about getting the car paid for and home before you have people jumping to get pics for you.  We appreciate the enthusiasm and the thought of having a plan but at the same time, you need to not put the cart before the horse.


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