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I purchased my complete kit 2 years ago and have never opened the tube. It's been in an upstairs room in the body shop the whole time. We're about to put everything on in the next couple of weeks. Is there going to be any problem with the bird releasing from the paper? Never dreamed it was going to take this long to get to the installation, but  problem after problem came up with this restoration.  Just got to thinking if these kits were printed as ordered or if they have been sitting on shelves for a while anyway until purchased.

You shouldn't have any problems...just follow the directions that came with 'em.....and use LOTS of gel (or soapy water if you choose) when doing the application.
I'd suggest laying all the decals out flat for a couple days beforehand also ;)

thanks for the info. Everything else has been a bump in the road on this one, it would be nice to have a smooth ending. 8)

Good luck on your install, post some pics of the finished install.

Hopefully the decal kit was stored at room temperature in a dry environment.  If so, there shouldn't be any problems.  If you have the time you may want to let the hood bird unfurl and relax for at least a few days prior to application.  Good luck!


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