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Hi to all, in 2008 I did with help of many members make a 4 relay system for the weak GM system, and that work pretty well.
The diagram is still on the forum. 
At that time I had thaught about doing a somewhat plug and play relay kit that I could sell for those who would take the easy way :) but I sold my T/A and got into other projects.
Since then I received many email about my system and if there there were ever a ''kit'' offered.

Now i'm more settle and will have time this summer/winter and i'm am testing the water if there would be some member interested in having a kit made.

I would probably provide a complet kit with with relay, wiring and instruction.

Right now I haven't research price or anything like that, I guess price and quality would be the priority.

Let know your thaugh and i'll go from there.


Yes, Yes and YES!!! I'll be the first in line to buy your kit. I have already bought the relays suggested but have not done anything so I would gladly resell the relays and purchase your kit.
Robin Bailer

I'm the guy who bought lee 01 t/a. I've been restoring it since 08 and still going at it. I kept the relay set up that came with the car and they do work great. Windows go up and down fast. I'm hoping to finish my car by next year. It's been a complete resto.

I've been thinking about the 4 relay setup with the existing relay, it seems redundant to keep the old/original relay once you wire in these 4 new relays.

Here's my modification, which eliminates the old power window relay completely making the switches work directly from the fuse box ignition feed.

Make sure the red with black wire and the not-used pigtail on your new relays are properly covered to prevent from possibly grounding. You should be able to do this modification without cutting the old relay harness by using blade connectors on a short wire. Just don't forget to cover the exposed red with black wire terminal remaining on the harness.

My only other modification is to include a 30amp fuse to your hot wire that runs from the battery to your 4 new relays.

Feedback/comments please!

    I too am in the process of trying to get my power windows to work right. Since there isn't a plug and play kit yet available to accomplish this, I will try to follow the schematics that are supplied here. It would be a lot easier to see actual photographs as to how to "create" this relay system, where to attach it to and also photos of how you do the wiring. It looks great on paper, but I need to see how it all goes together inside the car.
    Thanks for supplying the updated schematic to this system.       OrangeCrush79


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