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Sway Bar Frame Mount Rivet Nut Replacement.

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I thought I would share my rivet nut repair.

A couple of bolts were stripped out of the sway bar frame mounts on my replacement subframe.  Evidently some of the later frames were just threaded like the camaros and did not use rivet nuts so I decided to install some like my original '77.

I sourced the large flange steel 3/8-16 inserts from Fastenal SKU:0125625

I had the benefit of borrowing the installation tool but after a quick search WWW.HANSONRIVET.COM sells the same type I used plus gives a little instruction on proper use.


First I drilled out the original bolt threads to a size slightly smaller than the OD of the rivet nut then used a rotary rasp to make sure I had a snug fit with the knurls to keep it from rotating during installation.

I then used a rivet nut tool to install making sure not to crush the nut by overtightened the tool.
If you don't have a tool you can make your own using a hardened bolt and nut with a couple of thick washers.

Finished product that IMHO is a much stronger mounting point.

looks great!

Looks really nice and clean.  Good work

I had same problem with rusted Rivetnuts and grinded them off. It was hard to find rivetnuts until I saw your message. Fastenal ordered for me and got them next day shipping. I installed them, using bolt with nut paired with double washer to tighten the rivetnuts to frame. Thanks AG for the information.  ;D


Glad to hear some of my info helped you out.  I've gotten so much information from the members here it's good to hear I've contributed to the board myself.


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