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can anyone help me identify a decal?

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461 stroker transam:
thanks for the info. I really appreciate the lesson.
so did all the '81 hood birds have the "hollow" feathers as well, then?
also, does anyone make stencils to paint the birds? this would be an absolute last resort, and would jack the paint price way up, but I was curious.

and one more question, please. you know a lot about the decals, what about the rims...
were the rally II's an option for the '80 ? I've seen a couple sources say that they were, and others say the rallys stopped in 78 or 79. I need 17" or bigger rims to go with high performance tires, but I'm just not a fan of the honeycombs or snowflakes. I know the originals were all 15s, but the aftermarkets do a decent job of keeping the original look.

Yes, all 81' birds are just like the one you posted for shaker hooded cars, turbo cars had a different style bird all together.
I don't have an answer about the stencil, I'm sure there is something out there, because I have seen painted on birds before myself, just not that many.
And yes, rally II's were standard still in 81' on Formula, and Trans Am, snowflakes were optional on all unless you got an SE and then they came standard with the SE package. The rally's came standard Argent Silver with trim rings, but you could also order them body color with trim rings as an option too.

I know this is an older post but this may help you or someone in the future.


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