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71 T/A bumper alignment


I have a gap between the driver's side of my front bumper and left fender that I can't get rid of.  The passenger side is good with just a tiny paper thin gap but the driver's side sits a good quarter inch away from the fender with all four tires on the ground and about a half-inch away when on a frame lift.  Interestingly enough, the passenger side doesn't move at all when put on the lift.

All other alignments (door to quarter, fender to door) are good and all the adjustments between the bumper and bumper mount seem to be as far back as possible so it looks like I need to move the large L-shaped bumper mount itself back on the frame.  Before I start unbolting this sucker, us that my only option or is there a "secret" bolt somewhere that I need to look for?  I'm not even sure if the bumper mount itself is even adjustable.  Any thoughts?

I know this is a old post but for those now reading it here's the answere.
There are two bolts on each side going into frame horns and the two top nuts for the collision braces.
The rest just tales allot of patience and maybe some cussing to fit the bumper well.    Good-luck



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