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Decal order - urgent help

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I don't understand why I can't get hold of Hitman via pm/email. Even the contact form doesn't work on the stores website.

I just want to know if decal kit has been shipped and ideally tracking number so that I know once its hit UK customs so I can at least let my body shop guy know ETA :(

I have had no email confirming the order has been placed/confirmed/shipped etc etc and $800 ish isn't a small amount and The money has left my account. Do I contact paypal to get my money back and assume nothing is happening here or can anyone advise what I should do please!

Appreciate advice from anyone. I understand Hitman maybe busy but I just want piece of mind - hope you understand!


I sent this to the only way I know to contact him...hopefully he gets back to you soon


--- Quote from: RENOVATIONS on July 06, 2015, 05:12:55 PM ---I sent this to the only way I know to contact him...hopefully he gets back to you soon

--- End quote ---

Thanks Jeff - I hope so too as my body shop guy is waiting ;)

The decals will arrive rolled up in a mailing tube and probably been that way for some time. You'll want some time for them to flatten out completely or lie in the sun before installation for best results.

I was away on business/vacation starting July 1st and just got back, I will be going through Emails and orders and responding to them all in the next 24 hours. Through my website store when you placed your order, in the email that was sent with order information was the line "I will be on Vacation from July 1st through July 7th. All orders during that time period will be processed when I return on July 7th and shipped shortly after." So I notified my customers who placed orders by email when the order was placed.


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