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NOS T-Tops for 1978-1981


Seller is showing part numbers that make these T-Tops for the 1978 Y88 Trans Am.  Ad is stating Mirrored/Anniversary.  I'm sure it's not the Silver Anniversary Mirrored.  I sent them a message about the labeling on the outside of the glass to determine which set they actually have.  It will be interesting to see if they respond.

They also have a passenger side in another ad.  It has a gold stripe on the side.  Seems pretty dark for Gold tint but it could be the lighting.

hard to telll what they are based on the terrible pics in the auction.... they look like standard smoke tinit to me but again the pics make it very hard to tell what they are.  for $2500 you'd think the seller could take some better pics & close ups of the etched markings in the glass.  did you get any reply from them as to what they are?

Yes, I got a reply today.  He says that it does say "Gold" on the glass.  So he has 3 t-tops for a Y88.

If you look real close to the single, passenger side ad......It looks like it has the ring all the way around the glass from where it would sit on the weatherstripping.  Or am I the only one that sees it that way?  It's not worn enough that you see it from the top but I definitely see it on the underside. 

And why only ask $500 for NOS for one but $2500 for both.  I know the driver side is the more rarest to find.  I can't justify paying that kind of money for a pair of t-tops but they are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them, so who really knows until they're paid for?

Long time no read, glad to see you're still here.

yep still here, just haven't been as active on the forum lately.

thats good they are gold... the seller should explain that better & take better pics.  $2500 seems high but these parts are getting harder to find NOS, so maybe someone out there is willing & able to pay that much. 


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