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Wanted: 400 air cleaner assembly


Hello everyone!! Im new here but looking forward to hanging around. In any case Im in the process of pulling the 301 from my TA and replacing with a 400, to my understanding I need a 400 air cleaner assembly as the 301 is quite different as the deck height is lower. I dont think I need the shaker as mine should work fine.

So if anyone has one lying around collecting dust let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Stubble, I know you posted this last year and I hope you were succesfull with your engine swap and finding a air cleaner body for that 400.  I was searching Hitman"s site and was wondering if that 301 air cleaner body was still in your possession collecting dust?  I'm looking  for one for a project that  I'm thinking about.  Thanks, tommya


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