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Hey everyone,

I was looking at the OER dash pad that has been out for a while, it is part number 496352 and discovered they have a 2nd dash for $100 more with part numbers 153868 and 153869. On top of this, there is also a Goodmark version, part number GMK432152276. It appears the older OER 496352 and the Goodmark are Vinyl-Wrapped, where-as the new OER 153868 is urethane. More importantly 153869 appears to be for the 78-81 style dashes with the bigger radio height.

As far as which is better, I did some googling and in the past dashboards that are vinyl wrapped are factory appearing, where-as the urathane is not? (question not an answer) At least from my searches it sounds like the vinyl wrapped would be preferred.

Love some feedback on these dashes.


Update my own thread: Based on reviews of other car model urethane vs vinyl wrapped dashes, I came to the confusion the urethane is not a good alternative. I went ahead and ordered a 496352 dash, it arrived last week and I have to say it looks great! Will be installing it after the new year. Only drawback is the dash is intended for 70-77 models. I will be ordering a radio bezel for 70-77 and also getting a "RetroSound Daytona M2" radio with black (the not note style) knobs to get the radio to look as factory as possible in my 81.

from whom did you order the dash pad? I can't seem to find anyone that has one in stock. They all say "coming soon".

That's pretty good to hear because there are so many inferior reproduction parts out there, it's nice to know what is good in the mix

thank you

Update on the 496352 dash. I did not install it yet, but I started test installing gauges, radio, ashtray, glove box door and steering column cover under steering wheel. The alignment for the glove box is poor, I will most likely have to drill/ream 3 new holes to re-align the glove box slightly. The steering column cover does not install flat on the left side. Further investigation I see the cover has 2 tabs to space the cover away in the indentation where it installs, the factory dash is indented about 1/8" more to allow a perfect fit where this dash doesn't have the right depth which causes the side to buckle upward. The cover sticks out on the left side if you can imagine. It may not be noticeable in most cases but it is already driving me nuts. I got 2 options, either cut slits into the new OER dash to allow those tabs to go deeper into the dash recess, or file/cut about 1/8" of the tabs off of the steering column cover (most likely what I will do). The only other thing I do not like is the color, even though it is black, it is not the same as the factory sheen. SEM Landau Black is pretty spot on to the factory sheen with a couple coats of the Low Luster Clear on some of my other panels I touched up a few years ago. I plan on doing a SEM Landau Black + Low Luster Clear treatment on this dash before I install it to get it more factory correct.

If you told me I would have to paint it and make a few modifications to the lower steering wheel cover and glove box, I would still say it is worth it, it otherwise looks great.

I ordered 496352 from Classic Industries, took 10 months to arrive. Don't laugh but it may be 11 months before I finally get it installed (October is month 11). I just got the Vintage Air kit yesterday, I may just wait until the season is over now before tearing the dash apart. When I ordered one page said "back ordered", coming soon sounds like they can crank them out a little faster perhaps? You can order it I see just plan on waiting.


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